Sciebo RDS uses an agile approach to software engineering (Scrum with elements from Kanban and XP) which makes it possible to react quickly to new situations, e.g. software problems, and helps particularly with respect to the handling of unforeseen or changing requirements.

The following list of milestones is meant to illustrate some fundamental aspects of the project.

  • Identification of hardware and software requirements for the project.
  • Identification of the fundamental features requested by the intended users.
  • Development of a website that documents the project activities.
  • Design of a software architecture and documentation with Arc42.
  • Providing public access to the software code.
  • Development of a DevOps pipeline.
  • Continuous documentation of the project progress and the software code.
  • Software documentation is automatically made available on the website (e.g. using the DevOps pipeline).
  • Establishment of a hardware infrastructure.
  • Keeping the infrastructure and software controllable by common methods and support debugging via Opentracing and Metrics.
  • Providing the exemplary implementation of some functionalities via to a larger audience.

Please feel free to browse through the documentation and the architecture description in case you are interested in these topics.