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Boundary conditions

Most of the following boundary conditions have been taken directly from the application document or are implicitly described there.

RB-1The architecture is based on a modular approach, which is mainly supported by microservices.
RB-2The focus is on the reusability of already existing developments.
RB-3Current DevOps techniques are used (e.g. Gitlab, Docker and Kubernetes; CI/CD).
RB-4The project has to prove after 2 years (until 01.04.2021) that it has been used outside NRW and is completed after a maximum of 3 years.
RB-5All proprietary developments are also to be made available under an open source license in order to make the infrastructure sustainable.
RB-6The documentation of the architecture takes place in Arc42.
RB-7The developed software stack can be operated in comparable university infrastructures without major adaptations.
RB-8Data protection according to DSGVO must be taken into account. (A main argument for Sciebo.)
RB-9The project has only one publicly accessible IP address.