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We use a monorepo to make it easier to track related changes. This means that you will find all relevant files in a single Github repository.

The following table will give an impression of the individual parts.

/chartsHelm charts
/docsWebsite with documentation
/getting-startedFiles for easy deployment
/RDSThe code for the connector services.
/Metafiles and configuration

If you want to contribute, follow this structure. The Monorepo only includes those parts of Sciebo RDS that are officially maintained by the University of Münster.

Additional Repositories

There is also an additional repository that functions as a community hub for development of 3rd party connectors, such as Dataverse. These connectors are community managed – if you are planning on developing a connector and sharing it as Open Source, feel free to use this repository.
A third repository is used for the ongoing development of the Nextcloud Plugin.