The following diagram shows the data flow within the RDS ecosystem. Each service is linked, so from here you can quickly look up the corresponding documentation by clicking on the respective node.

Incoming connections are established by the plugins (currently Owncloud). Further integrations are possible. (Information about this will be added later).

graph TD;
  %% define nodes

  subgraph Plugins
      OP[Owncloud App]

  subgraph RDS

    subgraph Adapters & Ports
      %% SPAEx[SPA Exporter]
      %% SPATS[SPA Token Storage]

      PInvenio[Port Zenodo]
      POwncloud[Port Owncloud]

      subgraph Use Cases
        UCExporter[Exporter Service]
        UCPort[Port Service]
        UCMetadata[Metadata Service]
        %% UCProject[Project Service]

        subgraph Central Services
          CSToken[Token Storage]
          CSProject[Research Manager]

  WWWI[incoming connections]
  WWWO[outgoing connections]

  click OP "/doc/impl/plugins/owncloud/"

  click PInvenio "/doc/impl/ports/port-invenio"
  click POwncloud "/doc/impl/ports/port-storage"

  click UCPort "/doc/impl/use-cases/port-service"
  click UCExporter "/doc/impl/use-cases/exporter"
  click UCMetadata "/doc/impl/use-cases/metadata"

  click CSProject "/doc/impl/central/research-manager"
  click CSToken ""/doc/impl/central/token-storage""

  %% define connections
  WWWI --> OP
  OP --> Ingress

  %% Ingress --> SPAEx --> UCExporter
  %% Ingress --> SPATS --> CSToken
  %% Ingress -->|Nur für die Registration von neuen Tokens| ARegister
  Ingress --> CSProject & UCExporter & UCMetadata & UCPort

  %% UCExporter --> UCProject
  %% UCProject --> CSProject

  CSToken --- PInvenio & POwncloud
  UCExporter & UCMetadata & UCPort --> PInvenio & POwncloud & CSProject & CSToken

  PInvenio --> WWWO
  POwncloud --> WWWO